Each ml contains Paracetamol 150 mg; Benzyl Alcohol (as preservative) 1% v/v

  • Route of Administration: For I.V. use only
  • Presentation: 2 ml / 3 ml / 4 ml Ampoules | Packing: Packs of 5, 10 & 100 Ampoules
  • Package Insert: Aeknil - For I.V.
Fast and Effective.

AEKNIL Injection can be given directly by I.V. at recommended doses or can be given with any existing I.V. line as a maintenance dose as it does not interfere or react with normal saline or glucose. It is by far the most economical presentation of any Paracetamol Injection for I.V.

Ingredients and Uses
Contains Paracetamol. For reducing fevers and relieving pain.
Rx Prescription-only medicine.
To be used by or under the supervision of a medical practictioner only.

I.V Route
Adults: 2 to 4 ml every 4-6 hours or as directed by the Physician.
Children (> 50 kg): Upto 3 ml (450 mg) every 6 hours OR Upto 12 mg to 15 mg/kg body weight.
Children (Above 12 years / > 33 kg): Upto 3 ml (450 mg) every 6 hours OR Upto 12 mg to 15 mg/kg body weight or as per Physician's discretion.
Do not administer to neonates and infants.

For Intravenous Administration.
Contains Sodium Metabisulfite, a sulfite that may cause allergic-type reactions including anaphylactic symptoms and life threatening or less severe asthamatic episodes in certain susceptible persons.
Also contains Benzyl Alcohol as preservative.
This should not be administered to neonates or infants.

Paracetamol should be given with care to patients with impaired kidney or liver function.
Do not administer other Paracetamol containing medicines concurrently.